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The Love of Money Is the Root of All-Evil (Essay Sample)

<p>This paper explores some of the evils brought about by love of money.</p> source..

The Love of Money Is the Root of All-Evil
The Love of Money Is the Root of All-Evil
All evil acts committed around the world have their roots in money. It is like saying, "Money is the root of all evil in the world”. The implication of this statement is that when people tend to love money too much, it lures them into all sorts of malpractices, such as black market, hoarding, deception, greed, miserliness, and dishonesty. All those who have too much interest in money, normally earn and hoards it by any means, which comes on their way, denying their families a quality living standards in an attempt to save any shilling that they earn. This paper explores some of the evils brought about by love of money.
Love of money forces a person to all sorts of evil and antisocial habits, and as a result, he/she is not welcomed in a decent manner in the society. Due to love of money, some people are involved in various types of theft. Some start robbing people in the streets and others in financial institutions such as banks. Another category of people starts stealing through cheating in company accounts or in tax returns. It obvious that deception is found in every human activity, but love of money escalates it into a level that people cannot control themselves.
In addition, research has revealed that love of money makes people overwork themselves without resting and as a result, they ruin their health. Although they may earn a lot, they later on spend the rest of their lives regaining their ruined health but their efforts are always futile. Thus, they fail to enjoy all the wealth they had got by laboring ceaselessly (Francis, 2011). Nowadays, most families are tearing up due to the pursuit of money. Most people are more concerned of their jobs more than their families. Even children are not receiving the required parental care.
It is normally believed that the power of money can do anything. It brings with it friends, prestige, influence, admirers, and flatterers. Cherishing money more than other aspects like justice or dignity brings forth deterioration of character and people indulge themselves in immoral acts. Love of money also puts people in a state of heartlessness and hatred of both the weak and poor in the society (Leckey & Twain, 2001). It takes humanity out of people and implants hostility. Currently, assassinations are reported all over the world. Government officials are killing each other so that they may take up the left vacancies. Others are using public funds for their own benefit making the country’s economy to deteriorate.
In conclusion, the desire to earn and hoard money leads people to all sorts of evil acts. Love of money debase...
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