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Historical and Cultural Exposure to Violence (Essay Sample)


This is a critical reflection paper where students are required to examine and clarify their personal PERSPECTIVES (values, attitudes, and beliefs) about aggression and violence. Students will reflect upon the historical and current exposure to violence. they will also consider the impact that culture, underlying assumptions, and media may have on understanding their atitudes about violence.


Exposure, Culture, and Attitudes Reflection Paper
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Exposure, Culture, and Attitudes Reflection Paper
Violence is a common issue in all societies worldwide. Although violence may present in different forms, one factor is common: violence negatively affects individuals and communities. The ability of an individual to engage in or support violence is shaped by their environment, including social and cultural structures. More importantly, social-cultural factors influence an individual’s view of violence, including the beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes towards aggressive behavior. This paper reflects on personal historical and cultural exposure to violence by considering the impacts of culture, media, and underlying assumptions on my attitudes about violence.

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