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Why should we cherish holidays as teenagers in school? (Essay Sample)


Why should we cherish holidays as teenagers in school?


School Holidays
School Holidays
School holidays the breaks in between an academic year. In most places, an academic year consists of 180 learning days. The holidays have several names like vacations, breaks, and recess. During these periods, the schools usually are closed, and the students are sent home to spend the holidays with their parents. Holidays can be productive for teenagers if they are engaged in healthy activities. They can also be disastrous if the teenagers are left to be idle because they can opt for unhealthy activities to pass their time. Therefore, it is appropriate to consider events that will make teenagers cherish their school holidays.
Parents do not like the long breaks from school that the teenagers are given. They feel that the breaks, for example, summer break is too long. They view it as a long time that the teenagers will be free and idle. On the other hand, teenagers relish the idea of long holidays. They see the break as a way to relax from all the tension and work at school. With holidays they are under no strict school rules, and therefore it is a time to unwind all the pressure of academic work. With such a different view of holidays between the teenagers and the parents, tension may build up in homes. Such stress makes teenagers more bored and demanding, and the parents become frustrated and impatient. Such pressure is caused by members of a family expectation from the other and lack of communication on how to live together harmoniously during the holidays (McCormack, 2015). The tension and stress may harm the family as a whole. The parent-teenager relationship can be affected, and also the relationship between couples can fall prey to the pressure. The love within the family becomes strained due to frequent arguments and disagreements.

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