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Project Analysis and Instructional Objectives Essay (Essay Sample)


the sample is about an educational need which was identified as technology


Project Analysis and Instructional Objectives
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Project Analysis and Instructional Objectives
Technology has been used as a means of enhancing literacy instructions for many years. It facilitates teaching and has the potential to motivate students who in turn are compelled to participate in the classroom activities. It has been found to increase students’ academic performance as Soudy, Teves, Dias, Pessoa, and Dias (2015) state. Furthermore, they add that technology improves students’ disposition towards their class. Technology in the form of software has made it possible for individualized learning with immediate feedback. Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) software also allows teachers and students to practice independent of the classroom setup.
Technology in the classroom is used for many purposes. If the class has students with special needs, technology makes the class more interactive and engaging because it adds an element of fun in the learning process. For example, a teacher can prepare activities that use audio prompts for students to perform certain activities. It is useful in situations where students have limited abilities in reading skills. Also, technology makes the teacher’s planning for lesson activities and management of the classroom easier. It enables the teacher to design various class activities. The teacher can use games that can be played individually or students can compete with each other. Technology has been found to cater to the cognitive learning ability of students with special needs (Soudy, 2015). It enables the teacher to design learning activities that are relevant to the students. Without technology, lesson planning and class management can be time-consuming in some aspects. Therefore, technology is used in the classroom to make the learning process fun and interactive and helps the teachers to prepare for and manage classes effectively.

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