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How Technology and Social Networks Made the Idea of Personal Branding a Necessity (Essay Sample)


1. How has technology and social networks (the idea of networked individualism) made the idea of a personal branding a necessity? Does personal branding give us freedom to be anything we want, or is it a sign of enforced conformity to an agreed on standard of behaviour?
2. Think about someone like William Arruda (or other people you might have researched who talk about personal branding). What do they make you think about your ability to be different or truly yourself?


Networked Individualism/ My Personal Brand
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The problem with stereotypes is not that they're inaccurate, but that they're incomplete. Because of this, it can no longer be assumed that networked individualism just applies to the young. While older folks are often portrayed as having fewer social connections and avoiding technology, their data challenge this notion. There were just a few people in the study who were socially isolated and digital media illiterate.
There was a broad variety of structure in social networks, relational autonomy and digital media usage among older East Yorkers. Some of the largest, most diverse, and most geographically distributed social networks were discovered among those classed as "networked." These folks participated in organizations, expressed ideas, and arranged activities to bring people together. Alternatively, many elderly adults were highly integrated but not digitally savvy. They were only linked to a few social media platforms, mostly local and family-based. More homogeneous social groups.

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