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The Human Control Around Climate Change (Essay Sample)


Our ‘climate’ is the long-term weather that our planet normally experiences.
Humans, animals, plants, and other living beings need a very specific climate in order to live.
Since the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, our planet has been heating up at a much quicker rate than ever before – with damaging consequences.
We’ve been burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas to provide electricity, heating, and transport, but this releases carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases into the atmosphere. They hang in the air like an invisible blanket, trapping the heat from the sun and stopping it from returning to space, warming up the Earth’s surface temperature. As a result, we’re seeing extreme weather, from floods to droughts, across the globe. It’s also causing glaciers and ice caps to melt, making sea levels rise. While we can’t reverse the damage, we can make changes to slow things down, reduce our impact here on Earth and create a more sustainable future.


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Human Control Around Climate Change
Human control around climate change. Exactly how much do humans control about the climate? Can humans effectively reverse the effects of pollution or is the damage to great to combat
World climate have continued to undergo tremendous dynamics each day due to a myriad of human activities. This have wrecked the entire climatic structure putting the whole world on the verge of looming conditions like desertification and massive air pollution (Ahmed ae al 2017). Below I am going to explore in details how human activities affecting the climate both positively and negatively and how humans can restore an environmental friendly world.

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