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Business: The Impact Of Teamwork On Organizational Productivity (Essay Sample)


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The impact of team work on organizational productivity Allegra Ollesongo Monroe College Introduction Every business works towards the success of its operations in the market place CITATION Chr17 \l 1033 (Bailey, 2017). Failure is not allowed. Success within any organization is based on the ability of embracing team work. Organizational team work can be referred to as a group of people who are working together with an aim of achieving a specific objective or goal within a specified time. Team work is one of the ways in which the 21st century organizations are re-organizing their working strategies to better their performance and productivity rather than focusing on a single employee to complete the organization’s project assignments CITATION Pat16 \l 1033 (Lencioni, 2016). This has an implication that project assignments are no longer delegated to single employees, rather they are delegated to a group of employees who have been trained on working together to achieve a common goal which then promotes the success of the organization through successful completion of the assigned project assignment. Organizations promote teamwork through: * Defining the organizations goals and objectives. This enables the employees understand the role of the organization, and its targeted achievement at the end of the day. Therefore, employees are set to work towards achieving these common goals and objectives. * Delegating duties to groups of employees. Managers and heads of the various department have the role of assigning duties to groups of employees. Duties assigned to groups of employees are efficiently completed as compared to those assigned to a single employee. * Creating organizational exercises that result to trust-building. These exercise also led to conflict resolutions between employees besides building trust amongst the employees. When employees trust each other they can help solve personal problems and thus remain focused on achieving the organization’s objectives. * Defining roles for employees. Managers and the heads of departments define the roles of the employees. This enables the employees recognize their role and their respective expectations towards the realization of the organization’s productivity. Employees with common roles are set to work together for increased and improved performance. * Effective communication channels within the organizations. This enhances employee to employee communication as well as employee to manager communication. Effective communication results to better understanding and it is also a major way of resolving conflicts between employees within the organization. These activities and many more enhance team work in an organization. Team work is important to an organization because it: * Improves the competitive advantage of the organization. * Increases the utilization of the organizations’ man-power. * Leads to cohesion within the organization * Trains employees to acquire new skills * Partnerships * Promotes a sense of ownership * Fostering creativity * Increases productivity. Improved competitive advantage The current market place is characterized by fierce competition CITATION Mic083 \l 1033 (Porter, 2008). New organizations are being set-up every day. In fact organizations have flooded the market place such that through technology virtual organizations are being created that operate through online platform. Technology has also led to the rate at which organizations reach the international markets. Therefore domestic organizations are also facing stiff competition from foreign organizations. Amidst this competition there are organizations which have remained competitive and have so far been recorded great performances in the market place CITATION Mic083 \l 1033 (Porter, 2008). This implies that there are strategies that can enable an organization face off other competitors and be on top of the competition. The major strategy is embracing team work. Team work increases and improves the efficiency of an individual employee output through collaborated working. This implies that employees who work as a team are able to attain the organizations goal through increased and high quality outputs. Organizations with increased output rates always have their desired products to market. If the products are of high quality they meet the consumers’ expectations. As noted, increased output rate as well as high quality products is realized through team work. Thus team work improves the competitiveness of an organization which results to more productivity. Increased utilization of man-power At the end of the day organizations pay for hired labor. The recruited employees get their salary for their inputs towards the operations of the organization. This has an implications that organizations should focus on maximum utilization of the man-power. Well utilized man-power is portrayed by the outputs realized and not the long working hours or the employee exhaustion after work CITATION Mor18 \l 1033 (Hansen, 2018). Therefore, over-working employees does not proved to be good enough. Over-worked employees get exhausted and become less productive thus making the organization somehow unproductive. The same is also the case when extreme tasks are assigned to an employee. They take mostly take time to achieve the expected goals through the completion of the tasks. There are better ways to increase the productivity of employees which results to the general productivity of the organization. Team work has been found to be among the best ways of increasing the utilization of the man-powe CITATION Mor18 \l 1033 (Hansen, 2018)r. In team work employees are able to consult on the proper ways to complete the assigned duties. They come up with the most efficient ways of completing the projects and thus confidently handle them. Thus team work promotes employees confidence and their potential to yield the desired results. When employees’ potential to meet their goals is increased then their man-power is efficiently utilized because they are able to contribute to the general performance of the organization. It should be noted that increased utilization though team work rarely wears out the employees and thus they remain productive during their entire working period CITATION Mor18 \l 1033 (Hansen, 2018). It is therefore important for an organization to embrace team work in order to increase its ability to utilize the employees’ inputs. Increased organizational cohesion Working together promotes trust and unity which builds teamwork CITATION Mic13 \l 1033 (Flaherty, 2013). This is why it is important for an organization to device effective ways of solving conflicts and misunderstanding among employees as well as create exercise within the organization that will promote trust among the employees. Without trust and with unsolved grudges it is impossible for employees to work together. They will tend to pull each other down and create a sense of competition among the employees which is indeed a highway to the downfall of the organization. In most cases when employees work individually they are characterized by these unsolved grudges and compete for organizational recognition. Competition amongst employees is unhealthy for the well-being of the organization especially in the 21st century when the market is dominated by endless competition. As noted earlier, working together promotes trust and unity which results to organizational cohesion. The members of the organization work together as a family. They trust one another and believe in their abilities to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Through team work the success of the organization is equally celebrated by all employees even if the success was engineered by an individual employee and the employees feel motivated to produce more for the organization CITATION Dia16 \l 1033 (Podmoroff, 2016). Acquiring new skills and experiences The word T-E-A-M has been referred to many as word that means Together Each Achieves More. Though the final beneficiary from team work is the organization, the employees also get a learning experience. Some employees are more skilled and qualified than others. When a team is made of these employees the lesser experienced and qualified employees also acquire new working experiences and skills. They get an opportunity to promote their skills. New skills increases their confidence in handling small projects at individual level CITATION Mor18 \l 1033 (Hansen, 2018). Thanks to team work. When employees acquire new working skills and experiences from their fellow employees as a result of teamwork they become more productive. They are able to pass these skills on to new employees and thus the organization benefits from team work all along maintaining its productivity. Further, a more productive employees implies a more productive organization in general. Thus team work promotes employee’s productivity which results to the organization’s general productivity. Partnerships At organizations level organizations that partner towards the achievement of a common objective in the market place yield more than the organizations that are running on their own CITATION dav04 \l 1033 (Gage, 2004). Market competition affects the performance of an organization. Being competitive calls for creative operations. Since most organizations are focusing on drawing more customers to access their products and services they formulate and implement strategies that would enable them be the most preferred organizations. Most of them tend to leave out the strategy of creating partnerships. Organizations that partner work as a team. Partnership in organizations could be seen through an organization that supplies raw materials partnering with an organization that purchases the raw materials to produce finished products. In such a partnership the supplier will tend to sell the supplies to its partnering ...
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