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The Importance of Teaching Liberal Arts to Business Students (Essay Sample)


The Importance of Teaching Liberal Arts to Business Students
What the essay should be about:
The liberal arts include (but are not limited to) philosophy, literature, theater, and history. Each of these disciplines, when studied rigorously, explore the nature of human behavior, decision making, logic, argument, and cultural difference. They have little to say about the current trends and strategies associated with business and industry. Should business students be required to study the liberal arts, or should their time be spent studying current business trends and strategies exclusively?
What Am I Supposed to Do Here?
Remember, this paper should look like a regular paper. It should have an introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs, and then a concluding paragraph.


The Importance of Teaching Liberal Arts To Business Students
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The Importance of Teaching Liberal Arts To Business Students
A fundamental question that has been widely been discussed is whether business students should pursue liberal arts or focus exclusively on business trends and strategies. Liberal arts are those that are centered on expansive intellectual grounding in humanistic areas and constitute humanities, philosophy, sociology, psychology, literature, and creative arts among several others. In their own distinct ways, they explore humanistic nature such as human behavior, logic, decision-making, argument, and cultural sensitivity but have little to provide on significant market trends and dimensions specifically linked to business and industry. Yet, business education appears to be incomplete without the knowledge of traditional liberal arts because of the immense and complementary benefits they bring to the individual. Business students should be required to study liberal arts in addition to studying current business strategies and trends because they prepare them for the real-life demands of the marketplace, inform on human factors relevant to business, reflect the demands of the job market, and foster successful and well-rounded graduates.
Liberal arts education helps students apply skills gained from business majors into the real world. Liberal arts education is a classic complement to business studies (Davie, 2018). It enables students acquire skills on how to synthesize data, think logically, analyze information connect dots, and make informed decisions (Davie, 2018). These are real-world

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