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Individual Career Plan (Essay Sample)


The essay required to inciprate a person perspective in deliberating on an individual career plan. A career plan is considered critical in demonstrating the path a person in intersted in taking as they continue to advance in their field of specialization. The plan focused on various aspects including goal setting, personality test, and resume development. All the identfied categories are crucial to the carrer developemnt plan.


Individual Career Plan
Student’s Name
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Individual Career Plan
An individual career plan acts as the blueprint a person must follow to attain their desired career. People with a career plan are driven by a specific map that instructs them where to go and what to do at every particular period of their lives. A lack of a plan normally indicates a commitment to failure. My individual career plan covers specific facets that I am confident will elevate my chances of succeeding in everything I plan on doing. The career plan covers goal setting, personality test, and resume development, which are all crucial ingredients to what I anticipate achieving in my career.
Goal Setting
The field of software engineering is presently one of the most lucrative and promising in the world today. Innovation has reached top gear, with several leading companies continuing to emerge in a bid aimed at addressing some of the problems humans encounter today. Technology is seen as one of the most reliable avenues to solving most issues. Therefore, software engineers are at the core of efforts to provide solutions to people’s problems and transform the world using innovative approaches and ideas.
The goal-setting theory is regarded as an ideal framework for crafting a career path. The goal-setting theory posits that goals must have specific characteristics to make them suitable for an individual. The features include specificity and being challenging enough for an individual (Johns & Saks, 2017). Specificity details the goal an individual would like to achieve and the time frame they would like to attain the goal.
Specificity gives a goal a clearly identified picture to follow that guides all subsequent actions. Challenging goals bring the best out of an individual as opposed to easily achievable goals. The essence of a challenge is to make a person think beyond what they are used to, ensuring they attain what appears to be impossible. Challenging goals are ideal for 

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