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Science Fiction Story: The Quantum Machine (Essay Sample)


Consider your experience reading science fiction and your knowledge of the genre. Write a science fiction story that is at least one page long and incorporates key elements of science fiction. Decide whether your story will be hard sci-fi or social sci-fi. Make sure your story has a logical beginning, middle, end. To get started, brainstorm and outline your story. Also be sure to revise any drafts you create.


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Title: The Quantum Machine
Genre: Hard sci-fi
For years, humans have been captivated by the idea of time travel, but the experimentations had simplest led to paradoxes. Dr. James had cracked the code to build a quantum system that would ship people to any time and area at will. The discovery changed into modern.
Excitement stuffed the laboratory because the group of six scientists started trying out the tool. They determined to tour two hundred years into the future, but a malfunction occurred, and all they could see became static. The scientists had been transported to an unknown planet. They found out that their test had worked however in a way, they could never have

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