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Lord Byron's Poetic Style Compared to Milton's (Essay Sample)


Discussion Question/Commentary: Choose ONE of the Romantic poets (Lord Byron, John Keats, or Percy Bysshe Shelley) and compare his poetic style to that of Milton, or Pope, or Blake. Discuss their metric styles and rhyming schemes (for example, iambic pentameter and heroic couplets), and how the different styles are appropriate for the different poem styles (epic, ode, and so on).
DRAW SPECIFICALLY FROM THE TEXTS. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. DO NOT REFERENCE OUTSIDE SOURCES (Google, Wikipedia, student guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.).
se be sure to post at least 150 words for your response.
Be sure to comment on at least two of your peers' posts within 24 hours. When commenting, don't be afraid to ask questions. When responding to your peers, be courteous and professional.
Modern Literary Masterpieces


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My chosen romantic poet is Lord Byron. Lord Byron was considered a key figure in the Romantic movement, a literary, artistic, intellectual and musical movement that had its origin in Europe as the 18th century was ending. He wrote several poems with themes related to love, sexuality, nature and sometimes reality. His poetic style compares with that of Milton since they both epic poems. For example, Milton’s Paradise Lost is an epic poem describing the fall of Satan in heaven while the same work also depicts his admiration on nature. Lord Byron on the other hand wrote epic poems 

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