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Maintaining City Operations through Technology Amidst Covid-19 (Essay Sample)


The essay entailed research into the role of technology in maintaining city operations with a view of some unprecendented occurrences such as covid-19.


Technology and City
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Technology and City
The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted modern life similarly to some of the world's most terrible historical occurrences, such as World Wars. With millions of individuals affected around the globe and countless deaths already, the actual course of the crisis and future post-crisis scenarios remain highly unknown, depending on several important events and causes. From a logical perspective, the COVID-19 scenario serves as a kind of stress test for our global system and a chance to reassess some of its underlying assumptions, including its long-term viability. One of the significant changes in my life was how my home used to function and network.
Changes brought about by the pandemic in my home.
Before the pandemic outbreak, my home, like other homes, followed a regular and fixed routine. The whole family would wake up early in the morning. My parents would go to work while we would go to school. In the evening, my mother would prepare diner, where we all eat together. My parents had little time to spend with my siblings and me as they came home tired from a long workday. On the other hand, we were busy with school work.
Everything in my home changed, from my parent’s occupations, our eating habits, and our shared sense of time have changed dramatically due to living during a global pandemic. As social distancing principles were introduced, it led to a more virtual existence, both professionally and personally. The epidemic has transformed how we work, study, and communicate. The uncertainty and stress that my parents experienced because of losing jobs thus resulted in an uptick in mental health disorders in my family.
COVID-19 enhanced our eating habits slightly. However, 

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