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2047875255905EducationPromotes the learning process. 00EducationPromotes the learning process.
4114800141605ReligionInstills religious values to persons.00ReligionInstills religious values to persons.66675217805ParentsInfluences behavior from childhood.00ParentsInfluences behavior from childhood.
4267200260350Professional FieldHelps to engender professionalism.00Professional FieldHelps to engender professionalism.-219075260350Organization Affiliation This enhances interaction of different members.00Organization Affiliation This enhances interaction of different members.2143125355600You00You
142875437515RacePromotes racial values among persons00RacePromotes racial values among persons373380043751500
4210050160020MediaProvides information to diverse cultures promoting interaction.00MediaProvides information to diverse cultures promoting interaction.30861002552700018478505524500
2133600139700Ethnic AffiliationPromotes ethnicity values.00Ethnic AffiliationPromotes ethnicity values.
Question 1
I believe that cultural diversity in the society is a significant concept because it is the composition of different social structures, strategies, and belief systems, which other cultures use to adapt to life to life circumstances throughout the world. I strongly believe that ,I am culturally diverse individual because I can interact with any person from different backgrounds in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, education, sexual orientation, gender, and age. This means that I can coexist with these people without any problem. Cultural diversity has taught me to acknowledge as well as respect differences as well as similarities among individuals in the society. In addition, I believe that regardless of age, we are regularly intrigued by differences and similarities amongst individuals. Thus, when individuals in the society are able to acknowledge and respect common traits and outstanding characteristics, they will be better equipped to live cohesively with persons from different backgrounds. As a culturally diverse individual, I learned that in most cases, this entails risk-taking, being distrustful, and putting aside one's personal beliefs in order to value other people perspectives.
As I interacted with different people I learned that I was obliged to broaden my cultural horizon and become more aware of culturally different populace. This means there is no need to know about everyone's cultures, but being open-minded, by acknowledging as well as respecting diverse views, through attending cultural events as well as establishing personal contact with culturally diverse individuals.
As I continued to embrace diversity, I learned that there is need to be fair and appreciate the important contributions, which have been made by different people. I should not undermine any group and ...
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