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On Beauty and Being Just by Elaine Scarry (Essay Sample)


2nd Essay Considering Elaine scarry's text, write of a similar change of opinion regarding your own aesthetic judgement i. e. write about someone or something you at first found Beautiful that appeared Ugly OR someone or something that you found at first Ugly and then found to be Beautiful.4-6 typed pages.
Reading:"On Beauty and Being Just"- Elaine Scarry


On Beauty and Being Just
We are always surrounded by many beautiful things, from people, plants, animals, paintings, and sceneries, among many others. According to Scarry, when we find ourselves in the presence of a beautiful thing, we are captivated by them and even feel the need to photograph them. She makes a generalization showing that beauty can be deceiving, so we should never judge a book by its cover (Scarry, 2013). This is a statement that many people can relate to. We have all been in a situation where we encountered someone that appeared beautiful or ugly but, in the end, proved us wrong. I can relate to this so well because I have met so many of these people in my life.
Not long ago, my cousin called me all happy and almost screaming in happiness on the phone. I was curious to know why she was very happy because I did not see any reason for such joy. She continued, telling me about this new boyfriend she had met a month ago. She was already in love because the man had swept her off her feet. I was happy for her because she had been single for a long time and was my favorite cousin; all I wanted was her happiness. The happiness was so much that she had already viewed a future with this mysterious man. The baby names had been decided, too, by my cousin

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