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Prevention of Medication Errors (Essay Sample)


The paper instructions required to analyze the six fundamental rights of administering medication to patients. It required proper analysis of each right as regards to preventing medication errors. No of pages: 4 Style: APA format Language: English (US)


Prevention of Medication Errors
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The study provides insight on the nurses’ perceptions as regards to medication errors. The findings indicate that there are disparities in the perceptions of nurses as regards to the causes and treatment of medication errors. Causes range from illegible physician handwriting, and tired, distracted and exhausted nurses. This paper looks at the various medication administration rights that should be observed by nurses in an effort to prevent medication errors. The study treats patient safety as an important aspect of nursing. It identifies the six major medication administration rights that need to be observed during patient care. The study draws close attention to the health care provided by nurses as regards to patient safety with key measures being the errors and their frequency of occurrence. The implication of this study therefore is to sensitize the health care providers on the medication administration rights and how to apply them to reduce medication errors.
A medication error is any event which is preventable that may lead to improper medication use or patient injury while the medication is in the control of a health care professional, consumer or patient. Under the state laws, injury to a patient that arises as a consequence of negligence or medical malpractice, results in a tort (Cima et al, 2012). This is punishable under a court of law. Medication errors may be related to professional practice, health care products, systems and procedure. Poor drug prescription including order communication, labeling of drugs, nomenclature, compounding, dispensing, administration and use are among the major medication errors. Therefore, there should be minimal or no room at all for errors especially human that may lead to injury of any form on a patient. There are nursing guidelines that govern nurses to help them prevent medication errors (Sherwood, 2012. This is because the nurses are the ones who most of the time, the patient is hospitalized, form an intimate relationship with in the acute phases. This paper therefore seeks to have an insight into the major medical administration rights and steps nurses can take in the prevention of medication errors. In this regard, the nurses need to properly understand the six major medical administration rights during patient care. In simple terms, it is an attempt at improving safety at this point of care. This is especially for the vulnerable population such as the elderly in the society or the infants and children.
Nurses are required to strictly observe the rights of medical administration. This is part of the many intervention aspects of nursing that help to reduce medical related errors. The various medical administration rights that should be adhered to are as discussed below;
Right patient
At times, busy hospitals and emergency centers can innocently misrepresent the identity of a patient either through the manual processes used or overlooked while under pressure. Therefore nurses should take proper re...
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