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Principal of Typography (Essay Sample)


Arthur Eric Rowton Gill was a stone cutter, typeface designer, sculptor and an influential figure of the arts and craft movement. Despite the controversies associated with him, Gill was recognized as a Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts.


Principal of Typography
Principal of Typography
Arthur Eric Rowton Gill was a stone cutter, typeface designer and sculptor. He was one of the influential figures of the arts and craft movement. Eric Gill was recognized globally as a controversial figure for his varied views on religious subject matters. His views were at odds with his behaviors. It is vital to note that Eric Gill was mentioned in relations to the abuse of animals and children. Despite the controversy around his name and work, Gill was recognized as a Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts (McCarthy, 2011). This is the highest award for a designer in Britain. In addition, he was a founder member of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry.
Eric Gill was born in 1882 and went on to become one of the most influential typographic designers, engravers, sculptors and writers. He was recognized for his elegantly styled lettering system and typefaces. He was also recognized for his precise linear simplicity (McCarthy, 2011). He spent two years learning in an arts school in Chichester. He was later mentored by a London based architect before he turned to letter carving. His interest in letter carving grew from his study at the Central School of Arts and Craft. He went to school with Edward Johnston, one of the pioneers of the revival of lettering.
Eric Gill, known for his typography and widely used typeface, was a prolific writer and artist. His expertise in the field of writing and arts was combined with the spirituality and sensuality that was associated with his line of work. His works ranged from stone monuments to postage stamps. Some of his works are still in storage at the USF Albert Sperisen Collection. This includes a collection of Eric Gill’s Iconography, which represents wood engravings that were completed from 1910 to 1940 (McCarthy, 2011). These works were mainly completed on boxwood with the help of carving tools. They were printed in limited editions with the help of the letterpress technologies. In addition to the wood engravings, there are publications and engraving blocks from the artistes, which are also on display.
Arthur Eric Rowton Gill ...
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