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Product Value Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


To assume that you own a company and would like to sell its products. What value do they create for the consumer?


Product Value
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Product Value
Flat Screen TVs
My company is XYZ Ltd, and it deals with electronics, mainly flat-screen TVs. All the TVs are the latest models, and the prices range according to the sizes and brands. A customer has varieties of TVs to choose from based on his/her needs. TVs have a lot of values to the customers. First, the products offer safety to the customer. The company ensured that TVs are fixed with safety pins. This helps in preventing the screen from an explosion in case of high voltage arising from a power surge. The company ensured that every time the customer buys a product, all tests are carried out and demonstrated to the customer to clear ant doubt. Another value the product adds to the customers is entertainment. The TVs have an inbuilt internet access portal where a customer can connect to the Wi-Fi and browse. This offers customers a source of entertainment.

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