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Review of the American Journal of Nursing Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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Review of the American Journal of Nursing
Student Name
Goodwin College
American Journal of Nursing Volume 119 and Volume 120
When I started this assignment, I thought the process was going to be difficult. However, after I went to The American Journal of Nursing’s website, I was amazed at how orderly and straightforward everything was. As I continued navigating the website, I felt more confident, and I realized what I thought was going to be a struggle had become a fun assignment. Accessing online articles is fast and convenient since I could get to any article by just using keywords. Additionally, the website is engaging, and comparing different content has never been easier.
The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) is the first and most honored broad-based nursing journal globally. AJN is peer-reviewed and evidence-based; therefore, it is regarded as nursing’s premier journal. Articles are published twelve times a year, from January to December. The journal strictly follows journalistic measures that advocate for transparency of conflicts of interests that editors, authors, and reviewers could be having. AJN accepts article submissions on clinical and professional topics, including case studies, narratives, commentaries, evidence-based clinical application papers and descriptions of best clinical practices, and original research and QI reports. The journal also has a section that allows submissions for different departments and columns such as artwork and poetry in the nursing and healthcare line. All guidelines on how to submit articles are available at

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