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Rights and Roles of Students and Parents (Essay Sample)


The paper offers AN explanation of the rights of children, parents, and the supportive role schools play. The role of the community in the rights of children is also well explained in the paper. The community provides resources in terms of land and monetary resources, and the resources will hugely assist in implementing the program. The community should also oversee how the school is implementing the program. The community should also air their grievances and criticize the areas where the program is not serving its purpose. The community plays a vital role in the implantation of the IEP/IFSP process.


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Rights and Roles of Students and Parents
In both the economics and education discourses, parents have been a critical driver of a child's educational success. Academics researchers understand the effects of educational interventions, information, and policies on parental behaviour and involvement with their child's education and how to increase parental engagement for the benefit of children successfully. Also, students have the right to be respected as they also accomplish their roles in the school setup. Respecting the rights and roles of both students and parents is what maintains the respect and great essential bond between the two parties. Both parties also have a role to play to ensure the success of the education system.
Students play a huge role in the success of their studies and the success of their studies. In school, accomplishing tasks and activities is part of a student's daily life (Calvalho et al.,2021). The main role of students is to conceptualize and understand what they are taught in the education system. Understanding and conceptualizing what they are taught in school is not enough, and students have to relate what they are taught in school to the prevailing needs of the environment surrounding them. Students should reflect on what they are taught in school in their day to day lives.
In pursuit of playing their roles, students have rights that must be respected and not violated. Students have the right to express their ideas and feelings freely. Allowing learners to speak up will provide you with far more deep and thorough responses than merely relying on examinations. Students must also hold schools responsible. Students should be allowed to express their thoughts and share their experiences without fear of reprisal or repression. Students' safety and well-being should also be guaranteed. Students' safety at school should be free from bullying and mistreatment from other students and the teaching staff. Protecting students will immensely reduce suicide thoughts, and students fight depression at such a younger age. Students should feel protected and nurtured both physically and psychologically at schools. Students also have the rights to be involved in the making of policies that affect them in school. Any debate on student rights must include students. Students must participate in policy development and decision-making. The distinction between trying and pioneering in education is between using students as guinea pigs and using students as legitimate agents of change. Respecting the rights of students in the school system makes the students have trust and confidence in the system and thus accomplishing their roles.
Parents are key stakeholders in the education sector and have stringent roles which they have to accomplish. Parents bear a tremendous and difficult obligation for they must look after their children's health, physical development, comprehensive education, intellectual development, as well as the development of their moral values, convictions, and attitudes, as well as the formation of habits for a firm and well-behaved cultural relations within the family and in the society in which the child lives (Ceka & Mulati, 2016). It is the parent's role to spend time with their children and understand the challenges and progresses the children are making at school. Parents should also tackle and provide coherent solutions to the challenges faced by the students. Parents should also provide concrete guidance and educational tools which would aid in the success of their children. Also, parents should ensure there is good communication and relationship between the school and the parents. The two parties should work simultaneously in ensuring the success of the students.
Also, parents have well laid down rights that have to be adhered to when playing their role in the education sector. Parents have the right to information and participation in the education system. Parents have to be involved in making school decisions that implicitly or explicitly affect their children in school. The parents should also be informed about the decisions made which will affect the students and be allowed to express their opinions on the matter. By avoiding infringement of the rights of the parents, the parents can perform their roles without feeling abused or discriminated against.
Role of the School and Community in the IEP/IFSP Process
An individualized Education Plan is a plan or program intended to guarantee that a child who has been identified as having a disability and is en

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