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Role of women in Frankenstein (Essay Sample)


How women were treated according to the philosopher Frankenstein.


Role of women in Frankenstein
It is worth taking into consideration the sex of the author of Frankenstein. This can also be in the Modern Prometheus. The main reason could be based the novel's exclusion of female representation. The letter she noted down showed the inner work, a violation of the Rights of Women. This fact was indeed granted Wollstonecraft her attitude as one of the first and strong feminists. Looking at those circumstances, it is confusing that Frankenstein looks straight to almost solely on male happenings. She does not give a chance to the women to voice their stories. In the process most of them lose their lives. In the thesis, I have seen how Mary Shelley came out on behalf of the male and the female behaviors. The examination exposed that two of the gents' characters and behaviors, Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein. The latter are talked of as very ambitious, egotistical, and preferring male connection over a relationship of romance with a woman.
Frankenstein has created numerous replications, parodies, alternative versions, and intentional miss-readings. This is evident his works where he touches on the great influence on media and across genres. This novel's busy afterlife indicates its continuing result and innovative issues. It proves to be very useful to literature and, at the given period, ignores Mary Shelley's own declaration of its importance. She was talked of in her introduction to the 1831 edition (Veeder, 1986). This assignment has got intentions of supporting a semi-biographical study of Frankenstein. This might be by putting into consideration Mary Shelley's unfair relations with her father William Godwin, and her husband Percy Shelley.
In those given terms, the story appears to be an expression of sadness and a cry for love. This led to the confinement of women to stereotypes of angels and monsters. This is because the male dominated world was not dominated as they regarded themselves superior to women. This led to downplaying the role of women. The exclusion of women is noticed in her choice of the three male narrators. People can only hear about women through their role of receiving letters. This shows that, in America, the biggest and best opportunities were meant for men. Women stayed behind carrying out housework.
The Frankenstein analysis also shows that even though women took care of the homes as their responsibility, men failed to fulfill their roles of providing for families. It is also evident that women had no right to report anywhere. They could also not get that support needed even after forwarding their issues to those concerned. The women back then were not given a chance to attend school as the analysis shows. The white women of that time were treated like slaves. This is related because they also were denied of rights like attending school. The latter seemed unfair to the female creature. The Frankenstein analysis demonstrates the power given to men to travel and explore the world. This was not accorded to the women. They even developed a manner of gays, and there was no end at it. There was right for women to give out an idea. However, their husbands never gave them an ear. Therefore, the devoted daughters and wives only could listen to what their protector (father or husband). This was even when it sounded unfair or was a torture. They could just go by that without objection (Bohls, 2010).
Mary Shelley talks of the ability to give birth, which provoked men. The idea of coming up with this was to prove to men that they have rights. It also touches on Victor's notion that women did not have that intellectual mind. By this, she tried to prove that women could also take a lead in anything. She came up with good ideas that were inclusive.
The ability of a woman to take care of a home meant that she could also take a lead of both men and women in the society. This responsi...
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