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Sagamok First Nation (Essay Sample)


Sagamok First Nation


Sagamok First Nation
Institutional affiliation
Table 2.1 – Analysis of Strategic Options

Option 1

Briefly Identify & Describe the Option
Use of the internet to relay information and for effective communication.
Use of the website to advertise its services 
Benefits/ Advantages
Ensures that all the available data is available to its parties, to help avoid conflicts due to poor communication and lack of information.
Increased consumer base, to the clients and customers 
The SFN will be able to predict trends over the years.
The relevant information will be available on the website hence the managers and purchasing agent will be aware of their duties and responsibilities.
The SFN has little experience in the international markets; the markets operate locally and hence could pose a challenge in international markets.
The SFN has competitors that can replicate it in the industry.
Why is this recommended Strategic Option?
The use of internet is important in creating a larger customer base; through the internet they can attract many clients.
The use of internet will enable the SFN advertise their services and may also be able to advertise their job opportunities where they can access a consultant.Table 2.2 – Analysis of Strategic Options

Option 2

Briefly Identify & Describe the Option
Through analysis to identify the external factors that are influencing a business or an organization. SFN can introduce new lines of site services and security provisions.
Benefits/ Advantages
It enables a wider knowledge of the business environment that a company operates in.
This enables the firm identify future possible threats, and come up with strategies to avoid them or minimize their impacts.
Higher revenues can be achieved.
Maintain their current customers and attract new ones.
Maintain monopoly in the distribution of services, till the mine comes to completion.
Increased revenue to the government.
RisksIncreased expenses and fewer profits for the firm.
Why is this recommended Strategic Option? The strategy identifies the external and internal economics factors in which the SFN operates in, this will help determine how this factors influence SFN.Table 2.3 – Analysis of Strategic Options

Option 3

Briefly Identify & Describe the Option
Diversifying the services provided.
Training and development for the community members, to ensure that SFN is advised and the conditions for an agreements analyzed before taking part in one 
Benefits/ Advantages
Through training and development, there will be increased job opportunities for the community members.
Sagamok can evaluate its capacity to avoid losses and analyze the economic benefits of a project and the possible environmental impacts to the community.
By diversifying the services increases the consumer base. 
Economic growth for the community.
Identification of possible environmental addressing impacts.
Addressing the issues that are likely to be faced by the community and how they will be avoided.

By diversification SFN may not provide its current services efficiently hence may not be able to maintain its customers.
Why is this recommended Strategic Option? Diversification will create more job opportunities and developments for the Sagamok community.
Table 3.1 - Critical Issues in the Context of Recommended Strategic Option – FINANCE

How is it manifested?

Why is it happening? Cause(s)?

1) Why Important? 2) Implications if not dealt with?Finance
Reduced revenue

The mine was being sold and the chances of a buyer were minimal.The aggregate net project operating profits before taxes received
from the Shakespeare Project are equal to or greater than its initial capital investment in the Shakespeare
Project plus interest.The services provided should be constituent and the mine sustainably developed to meet the objectives of the agreement partners.
Decreased revenue margins

The estimates that had been used were not valid.The economic estimates have been outdated and are no longer appropriate.The companies were operating at a loss.
To ensure financial compensation by building capacity for environmental monitoring,
making other skilled contributions to the project, and securing contracts for trucking and the provision of
Site services.

Low cash flows

SFN would not receive payments in the near future.
The sale of Shakespeare property by well green which had been exploited and was no longer core for its operation hence the chances for a buyer were minimal.If not dealt with SFN will operate at a loss. The goal is to support a service company development within the Sagamok community in terms of construction, mine operation, and closure.

The was a reduction in nickel prices There was a drop in the price for nickel and also a global economic slowdown. The company would have to completely close its mines and having problems sustaining its financial endeavors.
Asset management

Disputes in the supply of products and materials
The government of Poland owned the company and the changes in politics could lead to a change in its objectives If not addressed the changes will cause a change in the services provision and hence difficulties in the local operations.Table 3.2 - Critical Issues in the Context of Recommended Strategic Option – HR

How is it manifested?

Why is it happening? Cause(s)?
Why Important? Implications if not dealt with?

Communication among the company causes disputes among the partners.
The objectives of the company and the goals of the government do not align.
There could be changes in the market.If not dealt with there could be more disputes in the future.
Lack of vision and mission

The company is unsure of its direction and path.
The company has spent a lot of its money on exploration.
The company needed to make decisions on the mines objectives and goals.The lack of a goal will cause a fail in the company, since they will thereof lack a direction on what to achieve.
Change Management

SFN has faced various changes over the years in its developments. The transfer and substitutes of firms, changes in markets, and changes in the politics.SFN should implement changes both at its external and internal processes.
Reduced workforce 
Reduced workforce due to lack of morale and motivation.
Reduced morale, and communication issues in SFN leading to disputes Should be addressed in order increase success and production of SFN.
Employee performance

The IBA signed by Sagamok entailed training and development
The employees performance was affected because there was no clarity in communicationThe performance of the employees has been affected and there was consternation at Sagamok. In order to progress there was need to address the issue.
Table 3.3 - Critical Issues in the Context of Recommended Strategic Option – IT/MIS

How is it manifested?

Why is it happening? Cause(s)?
Why Important? Implications if not dealt with?
Info Tech
Complex technology

Increased complexity of technology.
Highly customer-centric and focus on the satisfaction level of every individual customer, to provide them with personalized. Recommendations and service, it is vital SFN installs big data analytics.
Absence of data analytics

The data available is not analyzed, hence Sagamoks does not have a clear understanding of the agreements they agree to.
There is no central source of data and the information has not been well outlined.The need for a data analytics to ensure that the data is clear and up to date.
Inconsistency in information

There are personnel changes in the information and management.
The changes have not been addressed and presented to the members of the agreements. The agreements were for advanced exploration whereas the mining operations have already begun.These changes affected Sagamok’s communications
Understanding with the company.
Absence of digital mechanisms of analyzing data 
SFN has no way of analyzing its data
The information is provided in the meetings and agreements made Have a higher chance if getting into wrong agreements.Table 3.4 - Critical Issues in the Context of Recommended Strategic Option - POM

How is it manifested?

Why is it happening? Cause(s)?
Why Important? Implications if not dealt with?
External forces

Most of the mining operation companies were run by other external sources.
The Sagamok had not yet identified its potential...

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