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Self-Management For a Person with Type 2 Diabetes (Essay Sample)


The paper presents a discussion about Type 2 diabetes, its cause, signs and symptoms, management of signs and symptoms, risk factors, treatment, and importance of adherence to treatment. It also presents nursing self-management strategies/ interventions for an outpatient with type 2 diabetes with the help of a chronic care model.


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Diabetes is a persistent medical condition characterized with the building up of sugar/glucose levels in the bloodstream (American Diabetes Association, 2017). It occurs once the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin or once the body fails to utilize the insulin produced effectively. Insulin is a hormone in charge of regulating blood sugar. Raised blood sugar or hyperglycaemia is an effect of diabetes left uncontrolled over time and may lead to serious damage to many systems of the body especially the blood vessels and nerves (American Diabetes Association, 2017). Diabetes is believed to be a major cause of heart attacks, blindness, stroke, kidney failure, and amputation of the lower limb. The onset of diabetes may be delayed or prevented by taking a healthy diet, ensuring physical activity, and avoiding tobacco (American Diabetes Association, 2017). It can also be treated and the effects avoided by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, adhering to medication, and regular screening.

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