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Health Equity And Social Justice Among People With Dyslexia (Essay Sample)


Health Equity and Social Justice among people with Dyslexia


Health Equity and Social Justice among people with Dyslexia
Aspects of health inequity, discrimination and social injustice are persistent and a prevailing phenomena across most healthcare systems in the modern healthcare scenario. This has prompted public health management and stake holders to seek and address the socio- economic, as well as environmental causes and impacts on the population. Lesley (2013) states that the main causes and influences of disparity and social injustices in healthcare provision are mainly based on racial and ethnicity. However, the modern society and healthcare systems are experiencing a significant shift in the definition and expression of health inequality. Aspects of racism and ethnicity in healthcare have been adequately addressed and diverse strategic strategies implemented. The shift in health inequality and disparity has landed on people with disabilities and diverse human abnormalities.
People with disabilities are a minority population within the society. The concepts and definition of disability is a subject to contest and debate. Definition of disability within the healthcare system directly affects the social economic and lives of disabled population. This is because their definition determines their eligibility and viability to fit with legislation policies, programs, and economic benefits.
People with disability represent a population that suffers massive disparity and discrimination when accessing healthcare services. States that disability is a universal phenomenon as it cuts across race, ethnicity, age, sex and social economic status. However, despite the aspect being universal, the population is rarely recognized and in most instances they are subjected prejudice, disparity, and inequity when accessing social amenities such as education, healthcare and economic activities. This study focuses on analyzing the influence and impact of health inequality and social injustice on a population suffering from dyslexia. The study utilizes the social concept of disability in analyzing and evaluating the concepts of healthcare provision to people with dyslexia
Definition of dyslexia
Dyslexia is a condition associated with the manner in which the brain reads processes and interprets data. It is commonly associated with difficulty in processing written and spoken language. Dyslexia is not related to low intelligence or laziness (Lapkin, 2012). It is a disability condition that renders victims unable to process and comprehend written and spoken literature. People suffering from dyslexia syndrome have difficulty understanding and implementing complex ideas. This calls for the implementation of alternative strategies to enhance and facilitate processing and understanding of ideas among this population. For instance, the provision of audio books rather that a written literature of a specific content. Dyslexia is a lifelong disability condition, and that presents daily challenges and barriers to a normal life.
The main cause of dyslexia is unknown. However, genet engineers and biomedical scientists attribute dyslexia to a genetic makeup that runs within a family. Lapkin (2012) states that dyslexia genes are inherited from parents, and consequently affect the development and maturity of the brain. However, despite having the inability to read and speak fluently, dyslexic populations are very creative and innovative. The condition runs across age, sex, race, ethnicity, and social economic status. Dyslexic population is present across t...
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