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Strategic Management Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Strategic Management Report (90%)
3000 word report.
Sneakers Inc.
You are a member of the board of Sneakers Inc. and you have been asked to create a report to help
assess and evaluate the current position of the company and make recommendations as to its future.

Report brief:

You are to create a report of a maximum of 3000 words according to the following brief:
Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies ‘Sneakers
Incorporated’ took for with reference to Strategic Management concepts and
theory. Make recommendations for strategy implementation that should be
applied in the future to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the light
of these learnings.

Assessment aims:
There are two key aims with this assignment:
1. To assess your ability to apply (not describe or explain) the core models/concepts/theories in a
professional and logical manner based upon the practical learnings from the simulation;
To evaluate your analytical abilities in interpreting the models to determine the strategic position of Sneakers Inc. and advise on future strategy.

Assessment criteria:
Evaluation of the strategies made:
- Understanding and critical analysis of competitive strategy applying the main concepts of cost Vs
Analysis of the competitive market and environment
- Shows understanding in the relevant application of the models utilised.
- Ability to draw conclusions from models utilised in the analysis of the competitive market and
- Shows critical awareness of the limitations of the models applied.
- Demonstrates understanding and awareness of the interrelationships of analytical models applied.
- Demonstrate ability to distinguish strategic, from non-strategic issues.
Critical evaluation of success and failures using strategic management theories
- Ability to identify and discuss the main issues and successes.
- Application of key models and tools and how these can be used to help overcome implementation
Recommendations for future strategy
- Using analysis of current strategy and strategic analysis make sensible recommendations for
changes to the strategy with appreciate of development opportunities and market risk.
- Application of key models and tools and how these can be used to help overcome implementation
- Make recommendations as to how to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the lights of the
previous analysis.
Good indicators of a quality response will include:
- The assignment tries to use the taught models as rigorously as possible throughout;
- Evidence (data/statistics/opinion) is used to substantiate points throughout.
- The response is well written and logically structured and covers all required sections;
- The sections of the assignment are cross referenced, e.g. insights from analysis sections inform
discussions of future issues, current and future strategies.

Strategic Management Report – Marking scheme:
Executive Summary of future strategy. 10 Marks

Presentation of the Key Performance Indicators 10 Marks
(KPIs) relating to your team performance within the
Sneakers Inc. simulation.
Note: This does not have to be presented as a separate section
but can be if you wish.
Assessment of the strategies you took for 20 Marks
‘Sneakers Incorporated’ in the light of the
competitive market and its environment.
Critically evaluate the successes and failures of 20 Marks
Sneakers Inc. during your involvement using
strategic management theories to help explain the
reasons for each?
Make recommendations as to implementing 20 Marks
Sneakers Inc.’s future strategy in the light of
development opportunities and market risks. Use
evidence to justify, and, draw conclusions as to,
how these recommendations will achieve
sustainable competitive advantage.
References and Presentation 10 Marks
Breadth of research sources utilised.
Referencing and bibliographic details are thorough and accurate.
Report is well structured with a table of contents.
Appropriate use is made of visual presentation, information and
100 Marks
Word Count:
With only 3000 words your report should be concise and to the point. Much of your
evaluation may not appear in the final report, though it will be evident from what you
write that you have engaged in detailed evaluation and analysis.

Simulation Results:
Balance Sheet 2018 – 2027:
Income Statement 2019 – 2027:
Cash Flow Statement 2019 – 2027:
Inventory Graph 2019-2027 (Mens Shoes):
Inventory Graph 2019-2027 (Womens Shoes):
Sneakers Inc did not step into the childrens shoes market.
Workforce Graph:
Workload, Staff Motivation and Education Level Graph:


Student’s Name
Date of Submission
Executive Summary of Future Strategy
Sneakers Inc. should seek to use direct exporting and business to business (B2B) strategies. The direct exporting helps a company to interact directly with customers. Direct selling can sometimes be challenging to new market entrants, explaining why the B2B selling strategy is also recommended. The goal is to identify existing reputable businesses, sell directly to them, and pass the risks of storage and distribution to final clients. Total rewards and recognition program is necessary for employees’ appraisal. A motivated team will help Sneakers Inc. to achieve its mission of being a leader, not just on the local but also in the international market. The promotion of employees with outstanding performance will motivate others to work harder. Sneakers Inc. has continued to pay attention to male and female shoes. The recommendation is that Sneakers Inc. should also venture into children’s shoes, especially when expanding into the international market. The new business portfolio will help the company to expand its customer base and gain a competitive advantage. Sneakers should think of differentiating itself from its competitors by expanding its business portfolio. That should include being able to produce and sell complementary goods such as caps, t-shirt, and socks. With an expanded business portfolio, Sneakers Inc. will be able to compete with its competitors effectively.

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