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Body Language Shows How Courageous A Person Is: Power Posing Amy Cuddy (Essay Sample)


body language shows how courageous a person is


Student’s Name
Power Posing: Amy Cuddy
Body language can shape who a person is. It affects how others see you or even change the way in which you see yourself. Standing in Confidence regardless of whether you do not feel confident can boost the feelings of confidence and have an impact on the chances of success. According to Cuddy, this is power posing whereby one adopts postures that makes them feel powerful. In adopting a body language associated with dominance for two minutes, as per Cuddy and Carney, there is a 20 percent increase in testosterone and a 25 percent reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. The people who however already show power and ability to the world through their bodies now have the challenge of communicating warmth and trustworthiness.
Cuddy’s teenhood experience led her to research on the body language topic. She had an accident at 19 and the doctors argued that she could struggle to regain full mental capacity. However, she worked her way through back to academic excellence at Princeton. At the Ph.D. level, she faked her confidence all the way to the faculty of Harvard Business School.
The idea of power posing was triggered by the story of how the police investigators would make themselves fell imposing by using a bigger chair during interrogations. The experiments in the lab where after power poses for two minutes was done by different people, the saliva was checked for a change in hormones and the theory was proven to be true. The body changes the mind which changes the behavior and then the outcomes. Cuddy tells that

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