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Tornadoes Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Long-term illness


Module : N1523
A long-term condition is defined as an illness that is not treatable at present but is often managed by drugs or other therapies. About15 million of the population within England have long-term condition; this accounts for 70% of NHS budget going towards their care,10% of this is towards Diabetes (Ideas that change health and care, 2021). A patient with a long-term condition could be living with only one or more conditions in which they would be managing(Department of Health and Social Care, 2021).
The prevalence of long-term conditions challenges healthcare systems and most admissions in the acute setting are due to exacerbation of illness (Caring for people with chronic conditions. A health system perspective (2008), 2021). Below is the case study of a patient I met on clinical placement. The name is going to be changed to stick to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2015) code of ethics. Mr. Paul is 50years known hypertension, and Diabetes mellitus type 2 patient diagnosed past 4 years and was on treatment for both illnesses..patient was on metformin, glibeclamide and losartan H. The patient was well until 3 days when he developed episodes of blurred vision, Polydipsia, Polyuria, Polyphagia. The wife reports he stopped taking his medications 7 days ago thanks to financial problems. She reports he had limited social interaction and tends to self-isolate. The patient performs self-care activities, but with difficulty. Personal history- unemployed, Christian by religion, Allergy no known drug or allergy Family history Sister has diabetes. Social history No history of alcohol or other drug abuse Type 2 DM It's the foremost common diabetes form caused by overweight, physical inactivity, and obesity. The probabilities of 1 developing the condition are higher once they aren't physically active, obese, and are overweight(Type 2 diabetes — symptoms and causes, 2021). The additional weight is assumed to cause resistance to insulin and it is the best contributing thing to type 2 diabetes. Where the additional fat is found also features a major influence. More so if it lies on the belly and within the heart, and blood vessels. Hence, it's highly recommended that one should regularly check his/her body mass index and take appropriate interventions. Under insulin resistance, the body's liver, muscle, and even the fat cells fail to utilize insulin well resulting in the body demanding more of it to maneuver glucose into the cells. Initially, the body’s pancreas is in a position to deal with the increased demand. on the other hand, as time progresses it becomes unable to satisfy demand hence an increased glucose level (Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus, 2021). For the case of genes, it finishes up focusing on the individuals' families. Race is one of the greater contributors. Commonest among African Americans, Alaska natives, and Latinos. Although much isn't known about genes it's thought to cause type 2 diabetes by increasing one's tendency to be overweight and even obese. The risk factors categorized as avoidable and non-avoidable. The avoidable are diet, physical activeness, overweight, and obesity The non-avoidable are age, person race, prematurity at birth,, and also low birth weight(Type 2 diabetes — symptoms and causes, 2021) PATHOPHYSIOLOGY It's related to the interaction of the following factors; environmental factors, lifestyle, and also the genetic factors. The condition is additionally attributed to 2 factors: the dysfunction of beta cells which secrete insulin, and body cells' resistance to insulin produced. And sometimes both aspects are live. sort 2 diabetes is caused by resistance to insulin secreted that worsens with time.the body tends to counter this by increasing insulin production. The counter mechanisms may eventually cause a beta-cell failure which subsequently leads to decreased/ absent endogenous insulin. The main function of insulin is the cellular uptake of glucose. In absence of insulin, the body then becomes hooked into exogenous insulin. Elevated levels of glucose in the blood can cause macrovascular and microvascular complications(Pathophysiology | Diabetes, Mellitus, Type 2, 2021). 

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