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On the Uses of Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment (Essay Sample)


High school Subject or discipline: English Title: On the Uses of Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment Number of sources: 0 Provide digital sources used: No Paper format: Not applicable # of pages: 2 Spacing: Double spaced # of words: 550 # of slides: ppt icon 0 Paper details: 400 word summary

On the Uses of Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment
Liberal education is designed to help students become well-rounded thinkers with understanding of liberal arts. This doesn’t tie them to a particular skill. It raised two very different ideas and to whom it was intended. It was despised, and the students started to walk away from such classrooms. They acted like informed consumers who judge the provider. They hesitate to go to class, just attending two times a week and in the late evening. Before the class starts they need an anecdote to jump start them. They have made their teacher very desperate to the point of self dislike. Their teacher feels that he has been turned into a comedian, a clown. He has to behave so to get their attention.
He admits the author of this controversial and brainwashing article really did a good job as his students seem to have embraced it. He would like his students to measure themselves to what they have learned but how could he when the students themselves act as great intellectuals. There are theories in the air that are against liberal education, but the teacher admits that they could be of great importance when utilized correctly. Even the school itself is made up of lecturers that despise liberal education and act in the principles of things like feminism, politics etc. they have brought the death of liberal education in the varsity.
Morality has diminish among individuals; the well, critical thinking that once liberal education stood for. The TV has come with a new kind of generation. The advertisements are no longer about the products but about the people and immorality. However, the teacher is conscious enough to admit that the new should never be fully criticized, and ...
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