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Vulnerable Population in the US between 1930-1960 Essay (Essay Sample)


a review on the book Their Eyes Were Watching God by Sawsan Qashgar and black women revolution between 1930 and 1960


Vulnerable Population in the US between 1930-1960
Women, together with children, are considered amongst the largest vulnerable population groups in the world. The other groups involved include racial minorities, persons with mental disorders, the disabled, drug, and alcohol abusers, just but to name a few. To think of a group that is a combination of any two vulnerable populations smells doom. Therefore, it is a crystal that women who are from African ethnicity in America would stand more segregation and discrimination than any other group. Gender as a form of discrimination is considered parallel and of the same magnitude to racial discrimination. Racial discrimination of women further creates barriers and hurdles that inhibit the advancement and empowerment of women in society. The essay aims to highlight that the challenges faced by African Americans on account of racial prejudice are compounded or transformed by other social factors, particularly gender.
Anna Julia Cooper gets to be one of the first black women to publicly air out her views on the suppression and oppression of black women. However, at the time she did advocate for the rights of black women, she did not know that she would be associated with the term black feminist. Cooper acknowledged that she did speak for black women who had gotten freed recently from the degradation of legalized slavery. Cooper had declared herself the voice of the south before she died at the age of 105 in 1964. However, much that black women hold high positions that were traditionally affiliated with men today, there are still a variety of hurdles that are on the way that hamper the chance of black women reaching their full potential. Cooper did suggest that women did experience reduced leadership roles in society, especially during the 20th century. A black woman’s rise to leadership gets to have different characteristics compared to the experiences of white women, black and white men.

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