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PTSD. War and Post Trauma Stress Disorder. Journal Rhetorical Summary (Essay Sample)


Journal Rhetorical Summary


War and Post Trauma Stress Disorder
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War and Post Trauma Stress Disorder
Multiple studies have projected a connection between long-term negative impacts on mental health with traumatic war events. The war veterans have faced polytraumatic experiences from war and express posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. PTSD happens due to delay in response to a stressful situation or event. It is a gruesome and scary vision of war's traumatic experiences, manifesting as nightmares or as intrusive images and repeating traumatic views and images. It leaves the individual feeling helpless and overwhelmed with horror and intense fear. This serves as an extreme stressor. There are four categories of PTSD symptoms depending on the type of traumatic experience an individual faced, namely re-experiencing the trauma, negative changes in mood and cognition, avoidance with stimulus related to the trauma, and increased arousal symptoms. The controversial question is; is it possible to do away with the symptoms of PTSD to foster the health wellness of war veterans? There are psychosocial challenges that show a common defence mechanism projected after two years of the war across the war veterans.

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