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Ways Of Communicating In Business To Encourage Buyers And Sellers (Essay Sample)


various ways of communicating in business to encourage buyers and sellers to carry out business


Business communication
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Business Communication
Question One
Social epistemic refers to an interaction that takes place between a person and another, society or a group. This means that when one interacts with a different environment, group of persons or a person, the environment must be healthy to promote such an interaction. A healthy environment is one that do not present prejudice based on such factors as people’s races, color or language (Braun, Locker & Kaczmarek, 2016). The result is a healthy social epistemic, which makes it possible for any person to obtain information from another or a group to be used in development purpose. As Braun and colleagues noted, to present such a healthy environment, there is need for social factors’ evaluation and definition of the knowledge that ought to be influenced.
A group in which there is effective collaboration has the ability to encourage sharing and learning of new things between its members (Braun, Locker, & Kaczmarek, 2016). A good example would be within an organizational set up where the close collaboration encourages open sharing between various organizational stakeholders. Moreover, social epistemology across communities and organizations is very important as it helps people to share varied ideas. In this way, it initiates and promotes learning and information sharing within organizations; this way, it fosters the unity among professionals. Social epistemology is, therefore, very important for diversity that would result into various perspectives, considering the fact that learning continues as long as an individual lives, a notion that is helpful to professionals who are better readers.
Question Two
In his article, Virtue Signaling’ Isn’t the Problem. Not Believing One Another Is, Coaston noted that virtue signaling is a way of staking out ones position in argument, not just to occupy a high place but the highest place. The authors noted that though an individual can be against an idea, another person can abhor such an idea to a greater extent than the first individual. They argue that the desire by one to be good should not just be of their own but the initiative should be seen and recognized by others (Coaston, 2017). The whole thing raises the issue of the need for people to be allowed to freely express themselves in any talk or argument.
In this article, Coaston has presented the various views with caution on the danger of taking ones position as superior compared to that held by others. As much as this move would help boost ones’ self-esteem, it limits interactions to only argument realms where people only debate, flame wars and spat. Interactions, even when it is online, should be able to highlight problems that could go beyond just rhetoric (Coaston, 2017). The author is very extensive in his explanation of virtue signaling.
Question Three
Whenever one expresses panic publicly with an intention of showing off that what others have done or said is morally disappointing, it would actually be termed as virtue signaling (Coaston, 2017). This means that virtuous individuals must weary about how they express themselves, considering science and not solely their feelings. Fallacy, on the other hand, has been argued by the authors Talisse and Aikin (2013) to be the failures to reason in an argument that may involve two or more people. This brings it to a fact that dialectical fallacy is the failure for two or more individuals involved in a communication to relay proper meaning to each other in a communication process. In fact, according to the authors Talisse and Aikin (2013), dialectical fallacies involves argumentative failures that do exist in the communication process.
In my opinion, following the information that has been dis

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