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Why Abortion Should Be Illegal or Banned (Essay Sample)


the essay is argumentative as is explains the benefits and harms of abortion. the benifits associated with abortion include rights for women to make choices, protecting lives of women and minimizing burden exposed to the government and society caused when children give birth to children. this paper argues that abortion shoul not be banned as it is beneficial to women,the government and the entire society.


Why should abortion not be illegal or banned?
Abortion refers to a medical procedure used to terminate the life of a fetus during pregnancy. Over the past few decades, Arguments have existed on whether abortion should be legalized or banned. The people who support abortion are called "pro-choice," while those who debate against abortion are "pro-life." All researchers argue differently on whether abortion should be legalized or illegalized but have their convincing reasons. Most people see abortion as immoral and ungodly. However, the process of abortion does not stop based on the law. Illegalizing abortion increases the mortality rate as many women opt for unsafe procedures. Different states and countries argue differently about the controversial issue. For instance, some countries in the United States allow abortion while others like Australia follow the traditional view of not allowing abortion. This paper outlines the reasons why abortion should not be banned.
Arguments for legalizing abortion
In my opinion, several reasons exist as to why abortion should be made legal rather than illegal. First, women are given the right and freedom to make decisions based on age, relationship stability, and financial stability. Most women and girls opt for abortion when they get unwanted pregnancies and are not ready to take up the child’s responsibilities. Some women prefer abortion because they are too young to cater to the child’s emotional and physical needs. Other women choose to pursue happiness and liberty hence abortion, while others view themselves as too poor to meet their child’s needs. Governments should give women the freedom to make decisions and choices regarding their bodies. Illegalizing abortion causes negative effects to the mother, such as hardships while raising their children.
Apart from that, principles of a free society are hindered by illegalizing abortion. Pregnancy is not only personal but also private. Making women carry pregnancy by force not only infringes their right to choose but also interferes with their privacy. The government, through the constitution, advocates for freedom of choice for every citizen; hence banning abortion violates the constitution. Illegalizing abortion also creates a gap between the poor and rich, violating social equality (Stuard, 2020). Most rich people can afford abortions while the poor cannot afford the medical procedure as it is very expensive. The poor prefer unsafe procedures which would cost their lives. To ensure equality and equity, the government should decriminalize abortion.
Additionally, using the law to invalidate abortion does not make women unable to conduct abortion. Women undertake abortion secretly even when it is not allowed in the constitution (Faundes, 2020). Secret abortions endanger the lives of mothers as they do not get any medical assistance. Many women die while others are exposed to serious damages to the body due to secret abortions. For instance, the United States estimates a million women every year in search of illegal abortion. If the government allowed abortion, the women would procure abortion with the help of qualified medical practitioners rather than secretly. The women would also be free from negative effects of abortion such as death, infertility, and mutilation.

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