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Why family is the most important agent of socialization.2 (Essay Sample)

Write a 275-400 word essay on why family is the most important agent of socialization. (Formatting: APA) The essay is a DIALACTic of the superior role of family in socialization. The first PAragraph states out supporting facts which are discussed in Details in the body PARAGRAPHs. In-text citations have been used appropriately, from up to date and relevant sources source..
Why Family is Considered as the Most Important Agent of Socialization Name: Institution: Title: Date: Why Family is Considered as the Most Important Agent of Socialization Socialization is the interaction between people from different affiliations. There are four common agents of socialization: family, school, peer groups, and religion. Family is the most outstanding of the four envoys of socialization because it forms the basis for the kind of person one will be in the future. ‘Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.’__ Anthony Brandt. Why then, is family regarded as the central tool of socialization? Family(through parents or guardians) structures the rationale for instilling social values from an individual's childhood stage. Parents are responsible for bringing up their children by educating them on how to live with others and distinguishing good manners from bad ones (Labella, 2018). Lads are taught to embrace various forms of integrity- generosity, using etiquette language during a conversation, kindness, humility, and obedience. When the child matures, he or she will be socially fit into this world where socialization is very indispensable. The closest ties to which people are connected in their entire life is family. Most of our personalities and attitudes are copied from how our siblings, parents, or guardians used to conduct themselves (Labella, 2018). Can one who grew up in a morally decent family contour into a bad person? Absolutely no! A family that is united and cherishes inter-personal affection will produce people filled with love and a desire for unity (Kheirkha and Cekaite, 2018). Family is attained through a marriage where a man and a woman from different ethnicities live as husband and wife. It is a lifetime union between two persons from assorted tribes, races languages, or religion. Wife and husband put aside their ancestral discrepancies and cherish that all races are one. Children obtained in such marriages a...
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