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Biosimilars versus Generics Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Write an essay on biosimilars versus generics, include the government policy on biosimilars in your discussion and the effects this has on the health sector.


Bio – similar Versus Generics
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Bio-similars versus Generics
Bio-similars are versions of original biologics but comparably cheaper than the original biologics. They are preferred as the alternatives due to the rising costs of the originals. Since the demand for less costly is on the rise, the market and demand for bio-similars keeps on rising but unfortunately, it cannot move speedily because of several hindering factors. This article shows that companies that have tried to invade the market by introducing bio-similars in the U.S are already facing legal hurdles (Anna Journal Editor, 2016).
Distinguishing biosimilars and biologics is complicated but, as the introduction of bio-similars into the market faces the legal challenges, we can understand the underlying facts about the bio-similars and this will help establish answers about the biologics and bio-similars.
Bio-similar Drugs: The Promise of Great Science and Great Pricing
Manufactured to counteract different diseases, bio-similar scientifically manufactured and programmed. They are different from other traditional drugs because there target is the causes of the disease rather than treating the symptoms. The bio-similar has been in existence long enough, in fact, they have been around for 33 years, and their progression not halted or reversed (Ginsberg Journal Editor, 2016). It is something similar to biologics and not identical because of their complexity as living cells and this explains why it is hard to copy exactly the pills to resemble biologics.
Effect of Biosimilar products on health care delivery
The invasion of bio-similar in the market will have a great effect on health care delivery. First, they are co...
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