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Cancer and greentea drinking (Essay Sample)


the task was to explain the link between cancer and drinking of green tea. the paper concluded that green tea drinking could aid in cancer prevention.


Based on various researches conducted, both in-vitro and in-vivo, a link has been established to exist between drinking of green/black tea and the prevention and treatment of cancer. The active component found in green tea is EGCG and the component has been anticipated or hypothesized to have anti-cancer effects. The type of cancers that the anti-cancer effects of ECGC containing tea component have been tested on includes the ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and other tumors. Using the human ecological theory, this paper will explain the statement that drinking green tea assists in the preclusion of cancer development.
The human ecological theory constitutes five environmental systems that range from the fine-grained inputs of one-on-one or direct interactions with the social agents to the broad-based or extended culture inputs. Drawing from the first system, which is referred to as the microsystem, the drinking of green tea drinking will help in the prevention of the development of cancer by affecting one’s family, friends, and doctors among other forms of direct interactions. Research has established that regular drinking of black or green tea and oolong tea decreases the risk of suffering from ovarian cancer. This prevention can be achieved following a regular ingesting/drinking of green tea, which in turn reduces the risk of a woman developing ovarian cancer. Direct family interactions will enhance a character of drinking tea within the family. Professionals like doctors also drink tea or coffee together, a character that can be enhanced to influenced an increased number of women thus leading to ovarian cancer prevention.
Macro system constitutes ideologies or attitudes of a particular culture where individuals reside. Areas of macro system that are usually affected include subjects like ethnicity, democracy, care system, economy, cultural beliefs, and law among others. Based on the cultural setting that one is located, some cultures have an increased preference for coffee as opposed to that of tea. A study investigating the impacts of green tea component EGCG on cancer reported that the tea can be used as a better sensitizer to improve the cytotoxicity of paclitazel. This applies mostly to the already suffering patients given that treatment with the component EGCG would significantly increase the induction of paclitaxel-induced phosphorylation and apoptosis thus improving cancer treatment. Turning the culture of drinking coffee both at workplace and at home to d...
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