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The Appalachian Culture Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


discuss different cultures and beliefs in health care practice


Paper 4-Appalachian Culture
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The Appalachian Culture
Appalachian culture is quite diverse, and it covers more than 5 American states, for instance, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia and North Carolina among other States. Their culture is blended with Irish, African and German. They enjoy cultural activities such as food and games, making one of America's most extensive blended cultures. Appalachian culture is characterized by America values such as religion, family ties and strong love for the land. The Appalachian culture is a way of life, and it was developed in the early 1700s (Bret & Mary,2020).
Common Beliefs and Practices
The most considerable portion of Appalachians is Christians which aggregate to more than 78% while other religions such as Hinduism and Muslim share at least 27%. Furthermore, they also have ritual practices such as veneration, religious practices and trances, among other practices. These practices differ in the Appalachian culture because tit comprises four main cultural blocks (Africa, British, Irish and German). Therefore, some states have unique cultural practices and beliefs than others but share most religious practices. For example, Alabama accommodates more than 60% non-Hispanic, unlike Kentucky, which has a mixed-race population. Although they are in the Appalachian region, they have varied cultural beliefs and practices. However, religion is a common belief in Appalachian culture.

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