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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Data Dissemination Strategies and Ethical Considerations in Nursing Research (Essay Sample)


Explain the various data dissemination strategies. Explain ethical considerations in nursing research. Provide an example of unethical research and explain why the research study was unethical.


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This paper aims to discuss the various data dissemination strategies, ethical considerations in nursing research, and a justification of an unethical case study on a given particular example. It explains the strategies and methods for disseminating data to reach the target group. The paper also outlines the ethical issues to be addressed before nursing research is carried out. Such issues include confidentiality and informed consent to the research participants. In addition to that, this paper examines a case of unethical nursing research carried out on a world population. By all means, research should follow all established codes of ethics, and its findings should be accurately and simply reported so as to gain the intended approval and application.
Data dissemination strategies
Data dissemination refers to the way quantitative and qualitative data is distributed to reach the target users via diverse release media. Crittenden et al. (2019) argue that information is the power of the target population. Usually, data dissemination is intended to pass across an important message or address a specific solution to the prevailing problem. The key requirement is to determine the target recipient for the data, the message being passed, and the channels of dissemination.
The audience for the data is the backbone of the data itself. The audience is the reason for the message. Therefore, before a message is encrypted, the receiver must be identified. This is because the audience will determine the language, texture, context, and content of the data to be sent. Hano et al. (2020) clarify that before you advise the population about the health risk of wildfire smoke you must understand the composure of that population.
The data that will be disseminated must be accurately prepared and simply explained so that the recipient will receive and understand it completely. If the recipient does not understand the data, then there was no reason for passing across the data. Millum et al. (2021) stipulate that what is disclosed must be understood. In other words, your data must be fully understood if it is to be utilized.
Publishing policy briefs and programs is mostly done to influence government policies. This is usually a soft advocacy to reach the top influencers 

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