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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Family Interview and Genogram (Essay Sample)


Question 1: Fifteen Minute Interview, no genogram needed as I will create one based on your paper. Choose a family and complete a 15-minute family interview based on the salient points in Chapter 9 of your textbook. This paper is to be a scholarly paper in paragraph form. Please do not write the interview word-for-word, verbatim. A Safe Assign folder will be available for its submission.
Document the genogram of this family including 3 generations. Using your textbook and the resources/content from week 2 of this course, draw their genogram using Word or some other software program you have access to. It may take some time to do this neatly so give yourself enough time to complete this project. You may use other resources if needed to complete this project. Be sure to include a Key for your genogram and the following information: sex and age of each member, any chronic illnesses of members, if members have died the cause and dates of death, the relationships between all members of these three generations.
Required Text: Wright, L.& Leahey, M. (2013). Nurses and families: a guide to family assessment and intervention. (6th ed). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
1) Introduction about the family chosen for the interview
2) Purpose of the interview shared with the family.
3) Assessments of key areas as stated in chapter 9. Must mention the key areas.
4) 3 questions asked the family and their responses.
5) Identification of strength of the family
6) Conclusion, include your summary and your insights and reflections
7) use correct grammar and APA format
please do not forget to use salient points from chapter 9


Family interview and Genogram
Student Name
Family interview and Genogram
The family that I chose to interview is heterosexual, and it is an extended family that comprises two grandparents, a husband (John), a wife (Whitney), a son (Alex), and a daughter (Mary). During the interview process, I introduced myself as the interviewer as the initial part of the whole process. Self-introduction was to familiarize me with all members of the family. Consequently, I conducted a fifteen-minute interview in the family's home.
Family Background
Alex and Mary's two grandparents were John's parents. Whitney is 32 years, John is 37, Alex is 10 and Mary is 7. John and Whitney were married in 2015 and have lived together as a couple for close to sixteen years. The most significant number of Whiteny's family live in Dallas, Texas. She grew up in Dallas and followed Roman Catholic according to her parents and relatives. However, Whitney converted from Roman Catholicism to Judaism when she married her husband. On the marriage eve, John wanted Whiteny and him to raise their children in Jewish, and Whitney had to learn more about Judaism before accepting to become a follower. Whitney agreed to follow Judaism as her husband did without her parent's consent. Her parents did not consent because they were still staunch Roman Catholic followers. In addition, the parents are Italian-Americans; thus, Whiteny is the third generation. Although John's parents migrated from Israel to the United States, in New York, he does not know when the migration occurred. Despite being in New York, he continued to be a devoted follower of

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