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Health conceptualization (Essay Sample)


4 pages 3 sources APA Topic/l Health conceptualization paper Details - Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized by a society. o What are the determinants of health in humans? o What is the connection between how a society defines health and how it pursues health? o Has increased access to technology changed that perception over the last decade? - Discuss the connection between health policies, health determinants, and health. this is a very important customer to us, please do your best

Health Conceptualization
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Discuss the ways that health can be conceptualized by a society.
Health systems have been theorized and described in different ways. Conventionally health systems were defined by how many beds it had, medical professional and government programs. In the developed countries the health and societal requirements are funded through public funding establishments and some cases it is reaching its maximum in improving the well-being of the people in the society. Health care is a social issue and the inequalities are experienced in several countries and the gap is getting larger. The differences in the health status is due to economic factors and this a major challenge in public health.
The focus has shifted from focusing on the deficits in products in a health care facility to the delivery of services. Challenges facing the health care systems are the funding provided by the government is decreasing and a new way of dealing with the issue. There is a need to improve the livelihood of the members of the society and it is a social requirement. The health care in societies is complex and the population and the continual changes in the environment changes contribute to the problem.
Although health care systems are different in several countries they strive to provide a good health care for its citizens. The common goals are having a national health insurance that provides financial risk protection. The political leaders have an objective to ensure that their citizens' satisfaction and the stability of health care help to ensure that this is possible. The creation of policies in the health care facilities to offer a protection in improving health, to improve efficacy and value of health services, ensure equality where everyone can access basic health care and quality of insurance products. All adults should be members in National insurance schemes to enable to access to affordable health facilities (Ware et al., 1980)
What are the determinants of health in humans?
Health determinants are issues that define whether an individual is healthy or sick. The key determinants are the income and social status. Health status improves at various levels and when an individual has a high income it influences their living conditions and purchasing of food. The healthiest populations are in countries that have equality in wealth dissemination. The social status determines the health of individuals. The health implications are determined by various which are measured by the environment an individual lives (Larson, 1990)
The social support networks are a health determinant. The support provided by the family, friends and society is linked to good health. These networks assist in helping individuals in solving issue and deal with difficulty and learning to deal with life issues. Education and literacy helps to improve the status of health of people. Children and adults with education contribute to the health and wealth for their well-being. Education trains the society on abilities, information that is used in solving problems. Job, income and security are associated with good education. The access to information and comprehension is based on the individuals' education.
Poor health is connected to lack of jobs, stress and working condition affect health. The individuals who have good working environments are health and less stressful. The employment is important and affects a persons' bodily, social and emotional health. Social environment determines the health of individuals. Stability, cohesiveness, good working environments, security and recognition of the culture of individuals contribute to good health.
Physical environments that deal with exposure to contamination of air, water, food and soil affects the health and includes issues concerning cancer, birth defects, respiration, and stomach ailments. The issues relating to housing, transportation influence the health. Personal health practice and how to cope with problems can help in the prevention of common diseases and help in managing issues concerning solving challenges and enhancing health care.
A child's development is vital determines their well, being in the future. The environment of children affects their wellness. This can include housing, neighborhood, and income of the family, education of the parents and availability of balanced diet, recreation and health care. The biological and genetic makeup of an individual is a determinant of their health. These affect the health status of an individual and often it causes them to be susceptible to certain diseases.
Health services available help to take care and promotion of preventing diseases. Immunization helps to prevent injuries and diseases. Gender determines the norms that are experienced by some individuals and there are evidences concerning men dying prematurely than men due to diseases such as heart diseases, injuries and attitudes. Culture can affect the health of a person and lead to health risks. The behavior and traditions of a society affect their health (Clarke, 2008)
What is the connection between how a society defines health and how it pursues health?
Health is integrated in the social and economical of every society. The issue concerning health impacts on the well-being of individuals and the economy of a country. The way a state explains health replicates its importance on issue concerning health. The commitment to enforcing health to the society will be determined. The support provided by the government for health negates the good will and this is reflected by the finances provided by the government that continues to decrease, insurance on health and affordability of health care in public hospitals, the availability of medicine and health care facilities is a concern especially in developing countries.
Has increased access to technology changed that ...
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