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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Healthcare: Resistance Exercise and Its Acute Cardiovascular Responses (Essay Sample)


The task required the student to write a paper on the topic of "Healthcare," specifically focusing on resistance exercise and its acute cardiovascular responses in both young and older adults. The paper briefly discusses how resistance exercise affects mean arterial pressure, heart rate, stroke volume, oxygen consumption, cardiac output, and rate-pressure in individuals engaged in vast exercise intensity and active muscle mass.
The paper also mentions the significance of resistance training in the cardiac system and how it has been overlooked compared to aerobic training. It highlights the lack of animal models with comparable protocols for resistance training, which hinders a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms behind cardiovascular adaptations induced by resistance training.
Additionally, the paper touches upon the use of chronic muscle stretching and conscious animal models to study resistance training's effects on skeletal muscle adaptations and cardiovascular responses.
The references provided are relevant and support the information presented in the paper.
Overall, the paper gives a concise overview of the topic of resistance exercise and its acute cardiovascular responses, and how it has been studied in animal models. However, it would benefit from further elaboration and context to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. The instructions for the paper were not explicitly stated in the text, but it appears to be a research summary or an academic paper on the topic of healthcare and resistance exercise.


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In response to resistance exercise, the mean arterial pressure and the heart rate go up. Conducting vast exercise intensity as well as active muscle mass may notably reduce leaving the stroke volume unaltered. In both young and older adults, the Cardiovascular variables like oxygen consumption, cardiac output as well as the rate-pressure may go up likely. The total peripheral resistance may also go up or reduce depending on the muscle mass involved as well as the type of resistance.
Discoveries made as well imply that in healthy young and older adults the acute cardiac responses to acute exercise are the same. Hence 

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