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Hepatitis and Role of the Nurse Leader in Population Health (Essay Sample)


Role of the Nurse Leader in Population Health. I found the assignment to be interesting since it delved into a field that I understand best. The task was to discuss Hepatitis from a populaton health perspective. It was to focus on its transmission, prevention, population at risk, and the role of a public health nurse in dealing with the condition. The order was also strict on the use of sources as only peer-reviewed soruces were accetable for the assignment.


Role of the Nurse Leader in Population Health
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Role of the Nurse Leader in Population Health
What is Hepatitis?
Hepatitis is a disease in which the liver becomes inflamed. Viruses are the most frequent cause, although several other factors may also bring on hepatitis (WHO, 2017). Autoimmune and secondary hepatitis caused by drugs, alcohol, toxins, and medicine is second-hand hepatitis.
Infectious hepatitis C virus spreads via the bloodstream. Medical equipment, particularly needles and syringes, is the most frequent means of spreading it in healthcare facilities: blood transfusions that have not been thoroughly screened and medication injections facilitated by the sharing of injection equipment (Hajarizadeh et al., 2021). However, hepatitis C virus (HCV) may be transmitted to a newborn by a mother who has the virus or through sexual activities that expose the partner to blood. These routes of transmission are uncommon. How hepatitis C gets from an infected person to a healthy

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