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HIV prevention project (Essay Sample)


HIV prevention in Africa


HIV prevention project
Background to the study
HIV/AIDs infection is a serious threat to wellbeing and health of a majority in the Sub-Saharan Africa, especially youth who accounts for the high HIV infections. Although some studies shows drastic decline in HIV infection, the HIV/AIDs infections and death are still high in the Sub-Saharan Africa (Nyambedha, 2007). Thus, the consequences of the HIV/AIDs are devastating to families because children over 10million children have lost parents to the scourge in Sub-Saharan Africa. Even in the case where antiretroviral treatment is available, as well as, other preventive interventions, HIV/AIDs continues to wreck havoc on wellbeing and health of infants, youths, and young adults. The study shows Kenyan girls are active sexually at age 14years, which raises their HIV and STDs infection rates (Nyambedha, 2007). HIV infection rate is so high among orphaned teenagers not exposed to the HIV education by their parents.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, country such as south Africa have implemented family project to empower women to teach their children about positive behavior and risks associated with HIV/AIDs, but HIV prevalence is still high (Paruk et al., 2009). According to Nshindano & Pranitha (2008), socio-economic and cultural factors hinders youth from changing their behaviors associated with multiple sexual partners, which explains the high cases of HIV/AIDS prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Another explains for high HIV prevalence rate is Sub-Saharan Africa is failure of pregnant women to go for HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy (Bitnun & Kings, 2002; King, 2000). As such, the current project on HIV prevention focuses to build on these prevention strategies, especially their weakness such as looking including the cultural and socio-economic factors in the HIV prevention. In addition, it is critical to consider views and opinions of youths, adults, and other stakeholders in creating and implementing effective HIV prevention strategies.
Bitnun, A. & Kings, S. (2002). Failure to prevent prenatal HIV infection. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 166(7), 904...
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