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Reflection on a Case where Human Rights were Disregarded (Essay Sample)


Death penalty and human rights


Reflection on a Case where Human Rights were Disregarded and Health Disparity Present
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Reflection on a Case where Human Rights were Disregarded and Health Disparity Present
Situation and how Human Rights were violated
The death penalty is a judicial verdict that violates the basic right to life. The U.N. General assembly passed the ruling that states must accept the right to life and review sentences contradicting the requirement. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) that the United States helped to draft in 1948, life is a human right (Center for Constitutional Rights). However, the United States has states that use capital punishment. Specifically, 34 U.S. states are still practising the law despite the global advice against the punishment (Center for Constitutional Rights). The deterrent effect of the death penalty is debatable, with the victim suffering from a racist, arbitrary, and imperfect system. Moreover, death row convicts spend decades in prison under dehumanizing conditions, amounting to torture, which violates international law.
How did the Situation influence Individual Health and Global Health?
Death penalty victims and their family are at risk of mental illnesses when waiting for the sentence and after the execution. Moreover, the public health system of a state is affected negatively. According to Weisbuch (1984), the three ways executions impact the public health system are: Increased homicides correlate with the numbers of state executions; death penalty offences are exceedingly more expensive than the non-capital offence felonies; health professionals overseeing the executions are conflicted of violating the requirements of their employer or to their ethical principles. Thus, the death penalty negatively impacts all stakeholders involved.

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