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Is Vegetarianism the only Option for Healthy Living? (Essay Sample)


It was an argumentative essay. A 1-page task written in APA 7 . writer has to use four relevant sources not more than 5 years old. The question of the essay was: is vegetarianism the only option for Healthy Living? the writer has to introduce a topic while explaining some minor details about the diet. It is important to choose a side when discussing and give relevant evidence supporting the argument. It is also vital to explain in brief the views of the opposing side of the argument. However, it is important to close the discussion while refuting while the views of the opposing side are wrong.


Is Vegetarianism the only option for Healthy Living?
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Is Vegetarianism the only option for Healthy Living?
Experts in nutritional health argue that the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by sticking to a vegetarian diet. The diet involves choosing not to eat animal products like meat, poultry, and fish. Research from dieticians and most health professionals have associated the vegetarian way of eating with advantages, such as lower blood pressure, reduced risks of cancer, heart disease, and longer life (Tobin, 2016). Though the diet has its benefits, it is not the only alternative to healthy living. Maintaining it exposes one to a risk of vitamin B-12 (only found in animal sources) and iron deficiencies. Its deficiency increases the risk of colorectal cancer and causes pernicious anemia, which can cause permanent nerve damage if neglected (Ankar & Kumar, 2020). Vitamin B - 12 aids in the metabolism and production of healthy red blood cells.
The decision to strictly maintain a vegetarian lifestyle should not be made hurriedly because it needs appropriate planning. A person can choose to be a lacto-ovo-vegetarian or an ovo-vegetarian (Garbett, Garbett, & Wendorf, 2016). Other vegetarian types include lacto-vegetarian, pescetarian, and vegan. Health professionals, however, argue that maintaining a healthy lifestyle stretches beyond keeping a healthy eating habit and making healthy food choices.
Vegetarianism is, therefore, not the only option for healthy living. Other viable and tested options for maintaining healthy life include engaging in routine body exercise, not smoking or using tobacco, practicing safe sex, de-stressing, and managing one’s mental health. It is recommended that an individual should engage in one hundred and fifty minutes of exercise, like running and dancing, each week (Warburton & Bredin, 2016). Engaging in regular physical activity improves blood flow, bu

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