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Nurses and Patients (Essay Sample)


the brief touches on the essence of nursing and patients as regards the benefits of collective participation.

Nurses and Patients
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Collective participation is healthy and beneficial for both the nurse and the patient. It ought to be observed that this aspect has been established to be a pivotal component in enhancing the way patients are handled (Weinberg, 2003). On the other hand, collective participation helps in ascertaining nurses are paid well and are working within a healthy environment/ from such observation, it can be construed that where nurses are adequately represented by unions they tend to be more productive (Schreiber, 1993). The entire configuration ascertains the nurse’s interests are safeguarded and this compels them to work effectively and efficiently, as a result, as they gain so do the patients (National Center for Health Workforce Analysis,2003; Steinbrook, 2002). Since collective action and collective participation are all allied to unions, they demonstrate that the nurse unionization is instrumental in reinforcing their voice in fighting for their rights, specifically the wage as well as compensation issues (Cleland, 1990). Likewise, when nurses are within unions, it has been noted that they benefit since this fosters the way staffing requirement...
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