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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Nursing Administration: Cost-to-Charge Ratio and Value-Based Reimbursement Environment (Essay Sample)


• What is a cost-to-charge ratio? Why should a nurse manager understand this ratio, and how would he or she use it?
• Finance departments regard nursing units as not being revenue generators. Why do you believe they are inaccurate in their assessment?
• In the new value-based reimbursement environment, what other measures can a nurse manager take to enhance REIMBURSEMENT and prevent revenue loss?


Nursing Administration
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Nursing Administration
Variance reporting is crucial for nurse leaders because it allows them to understand differences between actual budgets and forecasted budgets. Variance reporting becomes a valuable tool when a nurse leader wants to understand budget deficiencies and develop accurate budget forecasts for the future. The instrument also becomes valuable because it helps the nurse leader identify causes of variance.
A workload report would provide me with valuable information on staffing. A workload report shows the number of hours every worker is working. Workload reports, therefore, help a leader to determine how to divide workload.
Contract labor is usually the most expensive in man-hours because it depends on performance. When an employer hires workers 

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