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Nutrition. Food biotechnology. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Describe the advantages and disadvantages of food biotechnology. Are there implications that you see that could be beneficial and/or harmful to the population?


Food biotechnology
The world population has been growing and is expected to continue growing in the next few decades. This not only increases the demand for more food but also demand nutritious food. Food production is, therefore, putting more and more pressure on available resources and thus the need to come up with ways to meet the food demand using the available resources and in a sustainable way. Food biotechnology, therefore, combines concepts of biology and technology that enables the production of more food in less land and using less water while reducing food loss to pests and diseases ("Food Biotechnology-Farmpally.Com"). Besides, food biotechnology has other benefits even to the environment like reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This paper, therefore, analyses both the advantages and disadvantages of food biotechnology as well as its implications to the population.
First, biotechnology increases food production using the available limited resources. The technology is used to improve crop yields such that more is produced in lesser crop area. Examples of this are tissue culture and genetic engineering. This increases the food available for consumption as well as nutritious food. It also ensures that there is more food for the growing population which is at the same time putting more pressure on the limited resources. For example, reduced germination failures which have been achieved through biotechnology increases crop yield. With biotechnology, therefore, the systems are manipulated in a way that increases food productivity to meet the growing demand.

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