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Occupational health care and safety (Essay Sample)


The essay talks about the heath care in occupational sectors


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Initially, the occupational health and safety regime has been neglected in special treatment. This has made it to be regarded as a normal area of undertakings. Following various reforms, the health environ has been improved in various and outstanding ways such that it creates an environment that is free from hazardous and health risks. The reforms were as a result of the plurality in the undertaking by the different individuals involved in the capacitation of their duty in enhancing an effective health care to the society. The different personalities have greatly contributed to the improvement in the health occupations and safety regime country wide. They include; employers, employees and the state in general. They have been working hand in hand to improve the sector as well as separately.
Ojeda (2004) says that, the state has been set in significant methodologies in enhancing the success of the health sector as well as improving all the undertakings in the field of health. The state has been in the line to improve the quality of the health and the health care for the different persons in the society among them being the children. The state enhances this through the appointment of the health officers and administrators who facilitate all the undertakings in the health sector. The state in its take to improve the health sector did also introduce the health insurance that is there to enhance the effectiveness of the services offered to the patients. The insurance cover facilitated the services delivery to the patients regardless of their financial status.
The employers have also taken part in the improvement of the sector through various concepts that has led to the improvements in the health sectors facilities and the methodologies used in the undertakings (Poirier & Feder, 2001). They has introduced the loyalty programs that as a motivational factor to the employees in their undertakings thus improving the services delivery. Through the quality services offered, the safety in the health sector has been enhanced thus the decrease in the number of patients who lose their lives in the hospitals as well us outside the hospital due to health matters. The employers have introduced the self-sponsored insurance platforms that are facilitating the payments of the health services among the employees. The employers enhance the programs to their employees thus making them have the substantial amounts to cater for their health matters.
The employees are also in the line of facilitating the effectiveness of the health sector and ensuring that there is occupational safety. Through their incentives such as the enhancement of the ethical codes, the employees have been able to ensure that the duties they undertake are unbiased and that they represent a true and fair view of their scope. The employees have also been involved in the formation of the employees' unions that advocate for better health facilities thus improvements in the sector (Redfern, 2009). The formation of the unions has led to the emergence of acts that govern the scope of their work. Through such initiatives the employees has been greatly improved thus improving the overall health sector. Such unions have been in the front line in the enhancement of the occupational safety in the health sector.
Workplace hazards
In the scope of the undertakings in the health sector, different workplace hazards emerges that ought to be clearly taken care of in their occurrence. Among them are the gender disparities, racism as well as the idea of safety inequality. The hazards have been among the major hindrances in the development and the growth of the heath sector in the references of the occupational safety. Some of the occupations have been described with gender references which aunt the correct and fair view of their undertaking. This has greatly led to cases of gender discrimination in all the sectors among them being them health and safety sectors (Colebrook, 2004). The notions of allocating the hard and much manually done work to the men and the simple duties to the women has also extended to the health sectors where there are cases of work hazards.
Generally, according to Ashton & Gill (2000), as men and women are entitled with totally different types of the chores they are expected to undertake, there are arising cases of injuries from their work that are reported are always difference. This is not due to the differences in their chores but due to the occasional work hazards that the employees are usually prone to during their scope of the duties. A research shows that some of the chores undertaken by the employees shows that their working conditions are general harmless but in the other hand they cause a lot of damages to the employees. Some of them include the long periods of standing during the scope of work. As some duties may be much involving to make the person stand for longer hours, they are seemed to be much easier but they end up causing substantial dam...
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