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Phenomenon of Longevity in Centenarians With Unhealthy Habits (Essay Sample)


Phenomenon of Longevity in Centenarians with Unhealthy Habits
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3rd June 2023
Phenomenon of Longevity in Centenarians with Unhealthy Habits
The phenomenon of centenarians with unhealthy habits living to a ripe old age can indeed be perplexing. While it is commonly believed that a balanced diet, exercise, plenty of fluids, and restful sleep are the keys to better health outcomes, there are exceptions to this rule. Here are a few possible explanations for the longevity observed in centenarians with unhealthy habits:
1 Genetic Factors: Genetics play a crucial role in determining a person's lifespan and overall health. Some individuals may have inherited genes that provide them with natural resilience or protection against certain diseases (Han 72). These genetic variations may allow them to tolerate or counteract the detrimental effects of smoking, drinking, or unhealthy diets. It's important to note that such genetic advantages are relatively rare and do not negate the overall negative

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