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Admission Essay Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)




Admission Essay
Admission Essay
We all have had goals while growing up, be it long or short term, but at the end of the day, all that matters is your hard work, patience, and determination in making your dreams come to reality. Nonetheless, along the way, challenges may arise, some of which have molded us whereas others have challenged us to get out of our ways to achieve what we may have seemed unachievable. Ever since time immemorial, I have always wanted a career in the medical field, reason as to why I want to enroll in this program of being a Physician Assistant, knowing that my expertise and help of whatever nature, will add value to patients and colleagues as well, thus bringing a sense of fulfillment to me. Being a fourth-year majoring in psychology and a minor in biological science, I got an opportunity to serve people in my community, and with the little experience that I had then, I can attest that it motivated me to follow my dreams to the latter. Ideally, I used to serve older people, better known as geriatric rotation. My core duties were to transfer residents from their rooms to the places of recreation, engaging them in movement activities and games, serving them food, and reading with them as well. Dealing with elderly people can be challenging bearing in mind the age bracket, but this helped me get to understand them more due to my interactions on a personal level. In the medical field, one needs to be selfless in nature, knowing that daily, you will encounter different types of patients, whom along with their differences, I need to render my services without fear or fail, knowing that there is life even after recuperation, and meeting their wellness in all aspects of life would be my biggest reward in this career. The health care setting was not demanding due to the flexibility in this field. At first, I was assigned one resident to take care of then eventually the numbers rose. Being in a team of fellow students alongside nurses and other health care aids, their support came in handy and despite the pressure that may have occurred at any given time, we had all the necessary notes and ideas to lessen the stress and deliver quality services.

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