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Research What Leads Demonstrate The ST Depression? (Essay Sample)


The Task Required , Discussion Of Case Study Of Patient With Hypertension Condition . It Involved Analysis Of Diagnosis And Management Of The Condition.


ST Depression and Hypertension
What leads demonstrate the ST depression?
Some of the potential indicators from the medical observations that Jeremy was suffering from ST depression is the short of breath without involvement in strenuous physical activity. Medical research studies show that ST depression has origin from abnormalities linked to the overall blood circulatory system from electrocardiogram analysis (Hanssen, Cottin, Khalife, Hammer, Goldstein and Puymirat, 2012). Moreover, the patient has history of in the family tree chronic hypertension and possible erratic response to the past medication would result in ST depression. For example, the mother had suffered and died from stroke related disease while the father was also diagnosed.
The second important lead to the ST depression Jeremy regards the confession of experiencing regular and exhaustion and inability to sustain demanding physical activity for long periods. Diagnosis indicated dry and pink skin color, which alluded to prevailing silent ST depression condition .This, would be attributed to the congestion of the pulmonary circulatory system of Jeremy (Panza et al…, 2013) .Another possible contributing factor to chest pain emanated from the underlying high cholesterol deposits within the muscle tissues responsible for blood circulation. Medical history, documented Jeremy encounter of Cholecystectomy an indicator that the problem might have resurfaced, from the unchecked weight which at the time of visit was found to be 240 pounds. Such, deposit cause a rubbing effect which results in much pain. Diagnosis is normally supported through observing pericardial friction and effusion and the escalated ST wave on the electrocardiogram analysis. The age of Jeremy is predisposing factor to various aging population disease conditions. For example, from the diagnosis above, Jeremey has multiple case, which includes, obesity, usually associated with poor lipid metabolism, cardiac insufficiency, neurological dysfunctions and depression. In reference to the ICD, there should be adoption of accurate and verifiable parameters in the diagnosis of patient conditions as it translates to better treatment and disease management process. Jeremy for example, has intertwined case of disease that touches several body organ systems. These include the cardiovascular system, the neurological system and the epidemiology. Some of the affected organ systems are clear indication of the secondary effects of the ST Depression conditions, which the root cause was disorders in the cardiovascular valves and the lack appropriate coordination in electro signaling mechanism, for the heart function responsible for normal blood flow.
The clinical observation of the neck, abdomen, the eyes to mention just a few describe the risk that the ST Depression would bring if not diagnosed at early stage( Morley, Wallace, Denaxas, Hunter, & Patel , 2014) .The secondary diagnoses that need to be addressed in Jeremy include the stated lung condition, the skin dryness and the eyesight. The dryness of the skin is an indication of dehydration in the body, which affects the electrolytic balance in the body fluids exacerbating the already precarious ST depression condition. Another secondary diagnosis identified is the need to assist Jeremy on how to improve on the lung capacity as this will ensure adequate oxygen supplies to the body sensitive organs such the brain.
JNC 8 recommendation for the treatment of antihypertensive therapy and design therapy plan
The JNC 8 recommendation describe a set of rules and which guide on diagnosis, ,analysis and formu...
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